MTSS Workshop Series Information RECAP

MO-CASE presented a series of workshop sessions to help school districts establish a viable Multi-Tier System of Supports (MTSS) in the fall of 2017.  This was a repeat of the workshop series offered during the 2016-17 school year. 

The workshop series consisted of three full day sessions during the fall of 2017 - September 8, October 20 & November 17, 2017. Each session was held at the MSBA building in Columbia, Missouri.

Dr. Kaye Otten and Beth Wood facilitated and guided the sessions.  Both academic and behavior intervention was addressed in each session, as part of a comprehensive plan.

These were work sessions, not sit and get.  While brief presentations to help set the context and parameters of the work occured, the outcome for each session was for districts to complete part of a written plan for a viable MTSS. 

 Learning outcomes and plan components included:

·       Class-wide preventative intervention in general education;

·       Universal screening;

·       Progress monitoring including expected rate of improvement;

·       Data-based action triggers and decision making cut points;

·       Tiers of differentiated evidence- based intervention, including intensive intervention;

·       Fidelity of implementation.

Districts who participated were already committed to these outcomes. While details of plans varied from district to district, the structure of the plans were consistent with MTSS guidance documents that MO-CASE has adopted, Missouri PBIS, and Missouri DESE requirements for Response to Intervention.

Participants were a part of a district team, with a 3 to 1 ratio of general educators to those associated with special education.  Teams included a district-level staff member who could commit district resources and direct district implementation of plans.

Districts who were just beginning the process, AND those who were well along and already implementing a system were encouraged to apply. The total fee for the series (three full day sessions, 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.) was $900* per district team.  Teams included up to 5 members. 

NOTE: Districts who participated the previous year was not charged to attend in the fall of 2017. 

Supporting documents provided during this series are listed below. Please contact the office if you have any questions or concerns.

Supporting Documents
MTSS Behavior Tools

MO-CASE Behavior_ Making It Work.pptx 

"Go To" Teacher Friendly Behavior Resources.docx

Diagnostic Analysis (Match)

Electronic Student Intervention Matching Form.xlsx

FBT Slides (Match).pptx

Student Intervention Matching Form_SIM-Form_version 2.docx


Behavior Websites.docx

OSEP Evidence-Based Classroom Strategies for Teachers.pdf

PBIS Part 1 18 Oct 2015 Final.docx

PBIS Part 2 18 Oct 2015 Final.docx

Progress Monitoring (Measure)

Advanced Instructions on formatting, creating, editing graphs.pptx

*Direct Behavior Ratings

Beyond CBM measuring RTI behaviorally.pdf



PT- Tutorial RP 2.5 (1).pdf

Tier One

Tier One Core Components.docx

Tier One Planning Document.docx

MO EDU-SAIL Online Tier One Course Materials.docx

Tiered Interventions

Function Based Success Plan Template.docx

Grade Level Intervention Template.docx

*Check In Check Out

Check In Check Out Websites.docx

*Evidence Based Behavior Interventions Tip Sheets

Behavioral Contract.doc

Break Pass.doc

Class Pass.doc


Positive Peer Reporting.doc

School-Home Note.doc


Structured Mentor Based Support.doc

*Restorative Practices

PBIS and Restorative Practices final.pdf

Universal Screening (Catch)

Behavior Screener Comparisons Chart.docx

Dyslexia Discussion Document final.pdf

Intensive Intervention White Paper_508.pdf

Specially Designed Instruction FINAL August 15 2013.docx

MTSS Workshop.ppt

Evaluation and Identification of Specific Learning Disabilities.docx

Effective Instruction Hal Version 10-3-15 formatted.pdf


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