MO-CASE takes an active role in advocating for legislation and policies that support special education services for student with disabilities.  MO-CASE utilizing an Advocacy Network, made up of at least one representative from each LASE group, to support statewide awareness of legislative/policy issues and to rapidly communicate with our elected officials and policy makers on those issues when necessary.  The Network is an effective way to get information out to MO-CASE members and supporters and to mobilize advocacy efforts.

MO-CASE is also a member of the School Administrators Coalition (SAC) made up of MO-CASE plus seven other school administrative organizations -- Missouri K-8 Schools Association, Missouri Association of Rural Educators, Missouri Association of Secondary School Principals, Missouri State High School Activities Association, Missouri Association of Elementary School Principals, Missouri Association of School Administrators, and Missouri United School Insurance Council.  SAC provides a coordinated mechanism for MO-CASE and other administrator organization to support good education policy for Missouri. 

Current Legislative Information

2018 Legislative Platform

Past Legislative Information

2015 Legislative Platform

2015 Legislative Summary

2014 Legislative Platform

2014 Legislative Summary

Policy Resources

SLP CEU Requirements Summary.docx

Dyslexia Discussion Document

Dyslexia Article CASE

SLP Credential Proposed Rules Summary.pdf

SLP Licensure Changes 2015

MO-CASE HB42 Veto Request

Archived Policy Resources

Student Transfer - Special Education Issues (Nov. 2013)

MAP-A / Dynamic Learning Maps Q&A (Nov. 2013)

Kaitlyn's Law Q&A

Bill of Rights Q&A- UPDATED 2010

Social Security Position Summary Table

AARA Spending Considerations


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